Loki and the Loon



Loki puts an ad on Craigslist looking for a roommate (to help pay for rent) and Tom is the only one who answered. They end up as roommates and wacky shenanigans ensue.


((I make no claim to know Tom Hiddleston or how he would act as a roommate. This is just a silly web comic, don't take it too seriously.))


Aug 21 '12

Wow, everyone suggested donating the money from t-shirts to UNICEF. It’s like you guys are a hive mind. xD

That is a fantastic idea, actually!  I would totally be up for it, but there’s still the issue that Loki isn’t my character and Tom is a real person. Disney didn’t even fork over the money to use Amy Adams’ likeness as a Disney Princess so I’m pretty sure that’s out of my price range… I don’t want anyone coming after me with a lawsuit or anything.  I’d love to donate the profits I make to UNICEF because it’s an awesome cause, but…. gaaahhhhhh legalities. >_<

Does anyone out there have better knowledge about this than me?

(I still can’t believe that people actually want t shirts. That’s completely amazing to me!)

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