Loki and the Loon



Loki puts an ad on Craigslist looking for a roommate (to help pay for rent) and Tom is the only one who answered. They end up as roommates and wacky shenanigans ensue.


((I make no claim to know Tom Hiddleston or how he would act as a roommate. This is just a silly web comic, don't take it too seriously.))


Feb 13 '14

Lately I’ve had a few people asking when the next comic will be since it’s been quite a while. So I just wanted to write something quick to give some closure. Don’t worry, this isn’t a dramatic goodbye or anything and this wasn’t prompted by anything negative, but I think the comic’s run it’s course.  It’s been a very fun ride and through this comic I’ve met awesome people I never would have otherwise, including my wonderful girlfriend. :) So no worries, I’m okay and if you’re interested in following my personal/art blog, here: nooby-banana.tumblr.com

Thank you all for sticking around for this long! :)

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Jan 3 '14

thetenthdoctormccoy asked:

I really love your comics, but I'm new here. Have you ever drawn any kid!Loki?

*eyes sketchbook full of Kid Loki art*


here’s two examples that I threw together quick. I like Kid Loki’s fluffy hair a lot. A lot.


and welcome, by the way!

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Dec 10 '13

Anonymous asked:

Hey, sorry to be a bother but I was introducing my roommate to your comics and neither of us can get the earlier ones to load. We can't figure it out and it's most vexing. :\

Huh, really? They load for me just fine. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Dec 3 '13

Major major MAJOR thanks to anyone who signal boosted or donated to my girlfriend’s rent funds!!  With your help she’s been able to make rent with a few days to spare, whew!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

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Nov 27 '13

Anonymous asked:

what is your gender?


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Nov 25 '13

baby-kurlzz submitted to loki-and-the-loon:

some fanart I worked on last night, I hope you like it. I was watching the iron giant when I drew this

Oh lord Iron Giant quotes always hit me RIGHT THERE.

some fanart I worked on last night, I hope you like it. I was watching the iron giant when I drew this

Oh lord Iron Giant quotes always hit me RIGHT THERE.


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Nov 21 '13

Anonymous asked:

What does Loki think about Tom's dancing?

Ok I literally just finished a commission about this like a day ago and I wasn’t going to post it, but since you asked…


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Nov 21 '13

goodlyrottenapple asked:

is there anyway you could make a tag just for your comics? Not that I don't enjoy seeing everyone's fanart, but you don't have a consistent tag just for the LATL comics and I've had to jump around through three different ones. (if it's not too much trouble)

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Nov 20 '13

Anonymous asked:

I seriously think you should consider adding a semi-main female character. She could be, like, their neighbor and further make Loki want to die by being crazy and spontaneous :) she wouldn't have to be in a lot of comics, just some. And you need a girl!

I might have Darcy or another existing Marvel lady make an appearance, but I don’t think I’m going to invent a character purely for the comic. If the comic were a story-based thing then yeah, I’d definitely add in some girl characters. Girls are awesome! But as it is the comic relies heavily on real-life events that involve Tom and almost no one else, and putting in a girl would seem, I dunno, out of place?

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Nov 19 '13

Anonymous asked:

Could you possibly make a second page that's JUST your Loki and the Loon drawings? Its would be easier than scrolling through everything else just to find on of yours... There's also a lot of random stuff out there that has nothing to do with anything. It would just be much easier. You could even make your own website with a blog so people could still post. BTW, I love your comics. :)

There’s a link to just the comics at the top of this tumblr’s homepage. Not sure if that’s what you meant, but it’s there!  And thanks. :)

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